Create and configure an AlwaysON availability group

We will now create our first Availability Group

  1. Within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), right-click Always ON High Availability -> then click New Availability Group Wizard:

  2. Specify SQLAG01 on the Availability group name:

  3. This screen shows you all the available databases that meets the prerequisites of AlwaysON - check SampleDB then hit next:

  4. This screen has multiple sections, but lets first add the secondary replica (EC2SQL2):
  5. After adding EC2SQL2 as a secondary replica, make sure to check Automatic Failover on both replicas - this should also change the availability mode to Synchronous on both servers. This is basically the feature that enables true High Availability for SQL Server:
  6. On the Listener section, click on Create an availability group listener, then specify the options as seen below:
    • Listener DNS Name: SQLAG01
    • Port: 1433
    • Network Mode: Static IP

    • Add the last pre-provisioned IP addresses of the servers, and make sure they match the subnet:
      • Subnet: - IP:
      • Subnet: - IP:

      • Click Next
  7. For this workshop, select Automatic Seeding as the initial Sync mechanism, then click Next:

  8. Final validation prior to Availability Group creation, click Next, then Finish to begin creation:

  9. Result Screen once the Availability Group has been created successfully:

  10. To further validate successful creation of the Availability Group, you should be able to see the new AG on both Servers, and should be in a healthy state:

    SQLAG01 availability group has been successfully created