Testing AlwaysON listener and failover functionality

We will now test listener connectivity, and perform a failover test

  1. Within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), we will connect to the new AG Listener with multisubnetfailover=true connection hint (This prevents connection timeouts by doing parallel connections to all the active listener CNAMEs):
    • Click on Connect, then click on Options to edit additional connection properties:

    • In the Login tab, specify the new Listner Name - SQLAG01:
    • In the Additional Connection Parameters, specify multisubnetfailover=true in the textbox, then click Connect:

    • Once connected, you can validate the new AG and its property/health:

  2. To start testing the failover functionality of the new Availability Group, right-click on the AG name and click Failover:

    • The next dialogue boxes/prompts should be straightforward, click through then Failover. A successful failover would be similar to below:

Congratulations! You have successfully created a 2-node SQL Server AlwaysON cluster with automatic failover in AWS! Thank you for participating in this workshop!