Creating the Storage Gateway Instance

  1. In to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Storage Gateway console at
  2. Since there is no Storage Gateways yet, click Get started

  3. Since we’ll be using Storage Gateway as a direct SMB share (similar to a NAS) we will be choosing File Gateway:

  4. Since most of our MSSQL Resouces for this lab are in AWS, we will be choosing an EC2 Instance for our compute. Make sure to click Launch Instance not Next in this screen:

  5. You should be in the EC2 launch section - for this lab, choose the i3en.2xlarge (to take advantage of the nvme instance store as the buffer):

  6. Make sure to choose the correct VPC, as well the subnet - in this case since our primary SQL Instance resides in subnet2, choose that,then click next:

  7. Under Storage, just leave as is, then click next:

  8. Launch the Instance - You might need to create a new keypair and download.
  9. Once you have launched the instance, it should appear in the EC2 instances section as an EC2 instance. You might want to put a tag to easily identify the instance. Also, make sure to take note of the private IP address of the instance.