Activating the Storage Gateway Instance

  1. RDP back into the Jump Server, open up the Microsoft Edge browser and login to the AWS Storage Gateway Console from there
  2. Click through the options again, until we’re back at the File Gateway section, this time click on Next:

  3. For the Endpoint type, select VPC, then input the Endpoint DNS Address we grabbed earlier:

  4. In the next section, input the Storage Gateway EC2 private IP address you grabbed earlier, then click Next:

  5. Once you have properly connected to the Storage Gateway Instance, just fill in the appropriate fields, then click Activate Gateway:

  6. In this section, you will designate a drive as a cache - in this case, choose the 2 NVME drives as the Cache disks (Buffers), then click on Configure Logging:

  7. Select Create a new log group then click Save and continue: