Creating a Route53 Resolver

Creating a Route 53 resolver allows non-Windows AWS services to connect to external name servers for resolution. In this case, the Storage Gateway Instance and the Windows Domain controller

  1. Go back to the Microsoft Edge browser and login to the AWS Route 53 Resolver Console from there
  2. Once inside the R53 resolver console, click on Configure endpoints:

  3. For this lab, we will be creating an Outbound resolver, so Storage Gateway can see our Domain Controller:

  4. In the next section, make sure to choose the right VPC and the correct security group which contains PrivateInstanceSecurityGroup:

  5. Fill out the rest of the sections, for this lab, since EC2SQL1 and EC2SQL2 reside in subnet-1b and subnet-1c, chose those availability zones and the corresponding subnets, then click Next:

  6. Open a new tab in your browser and go to the Directory Services console, and grab the Directory DNS name(Domain) and DNS address of the domain controllers:

  7. Go back to the Route 53 resolver section(tab), and under the create rule section, fill out the appropriate fields (make sure to specify the dns IP addresses and the Directory DNS name):
  8. Click Next, then click Submit on the next section.