1. Go back to the AWS Storage Gateway Console from there
  2. Under Gateways, click on your Storage Gateway Instance, then under Actions, click Edit SMB settings:

  3. Under SMB Setttings, click on the pen Icon beside Active directory settings :

  4. Fill out the appropriate fields as described in the screenshot below, (since we already created an R53 resolver, you just need to fill out the Domain and User info), then click Save:

  5. Once you are successfully connected to the Domain, you will get a success notification, then click close:

  6. Click on File shares on the left-hand menu on the left, then click on Create file share:

  7. Fill out the appropriate sections as indicated on the screenshot below:
    • Make sure to specify the S3 Bucket created for this lab
    • Choose SMB as the file share type
    • Select Create a new log group
    • Click Next
  8. Leave selections as default, and click on Next:

  9. On the last section, fill out the share settings with the appropriate users:
    • \admin - administrator
  10. Click on Create file share to finally create the SMB share (It takes a couple of minutes to create the file share)
  11. Once the SMB share is available, it is ready for use, grab the share FQDN for use in the next and final section.